What can be expected from Verstappen’s and Hamilton’s relationship after Silverstone’s crash?

July 27 2021 , 9:38 pm

Writen By Anastasiia Kharitonova

What can be expected from Verstappen’s and Hamilton’s relationship after Silverstone’s crash?

Everyone understands that in motorsport in race conditions and even qualification, there is no concept of “friend” and sometimes “teammate” – there are only competitors and rivals. But nevertheless, despite the fierce buttle, each driver tries to maintain friendly relations in the paddock and respect each other.

But is there a place for respect and when is the question of the championship?
This question was asked by many after the British Grand Prix, when Lewis Hamilton and Max Verstappen showed everyone that the fight this season for the main title will be fierce like in the golden times of Prost and Senna, Lauda and Hunt, Hamilton and Rosberg.

From the start of the season Max and Lewis never tired of expressing admiration and respect for each other, and even were not averse to spending time in Monaco off the track to discuss races. But it looks like after the racing incident at Silverstone, this is out of the question .

Verstappen and Hamilton collided on the first lap, causing the Dutchman to crash with impact 51G. While Lewis was able to continue driving, with receiving a 10 second penalty. And despite all of Redbull’s grievances about the too lenient punishment, win the race. But even after the race, the indignation of the Bulls and Verstapenn did not end, this time the team called for disqualification of Lewis and accused him of unworthy behavior – too bright celebration of win, while the other driver, through the fault of the winner, was in the hospital.

But is it really Lewis’s fault? Verstappen and Hamilton are two smart and stubborn leaders in character, ideal examples of the athlets who reach heights. And the question of when they would face it was only a matter of time, especially when the championship is the main goal. Who can honestly say that they didn’t like those eight corners of the British Grand Prix when Lewis was at his best? Isn’t that exactly what we’ve all been waiting for for years?

Of course, Lewis’s maneuver was very dangerous and could lead to much more sad events, but Max also understood how everything could end if he did not low the speed. It is pointless to blame someone for this incident, since both are guilty.

The war was started . RedBull and Mercedes, will do everything to prove that exactly one of these teams is the best. This will undoubtedly add a pepper on a title battle that we have not seen in years, forcing the drivers to show all their talent, insolence and strength, of course, they will try to prevent a repetition of the incident of the terribly fast crash on the Copse.

Red Bull has already begun to act to prevent a recurrence of problems in Hungary.They strongly disagree with the punishment of Lewis and the decision of the stewarts at Silverstone . An official protest was filed to reconsider the decision and apply a harsher penalty. Redbull is trying by all means to neutralize his opponent.

At the same time, Mercedes still hopes for a fair fight. Lewis Hamilton believe that he and Max Verstappen will have a fairly respectful relationship on the track.

“I’d like to think we both learned our lessons after this point. It rarely happens when someone alone is 100% to blame for such clashes. Max is a very aggressive pilot, everyone knows that. When I was young, I also behaved aggressively. Not like him, but I was quite aggressive on the track. I hope we can find a balance by respecting each other and leaving space on the track. I would like to see a good fight without crashes, ”said Hamilton. But as we know , all is fair in war.

At the current moment only one thing is clear – the relationship between Lewis and Max will not remain the same, no doubt they were already more rivalry than friendly. But the old note of trust from both side is not worth waiting for. Would like to believe that there will still be a place for respect in the relationships of two F1 drivers. And who win the battle at , we will found out in the end of the season.


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