The best on the grid

November 6 2021 , 12:50 am

By Anastasiia Kharitonova 

Almost every year, the top series of Formula 1 races is replenished with newcomers and almost every one of them is said to be very talented and can repeat the records of the best drivers of our time. To a greater extent, this is just a small advance, because not every newcomer becomes a world champion and even a top driver. To reach heights, the pilot must continue to work hard and hard on yourself and then your efforts will be rewarded. Who is the best at this challenge and is the best of the best on the grid in the last 5 years? 

Lando Norris 

Until sometime, many doubted that Mclaren’s bet was correct on the young Englishman. There was even an active rumor that Norris was another pay driver and nothing special should be expected from him. 

But the results of the past two years prove that Lando is breaking into the motorsport elite. Norris learns from mistakes very quickly, demonstrates a will to win and interacts well with engineers, always giving them the information, they need. And the results do not keep you waiting. This season, the English driver is already actively fighting for the top 3 personal championships. He has 4 podiums in 2021, and if it were not for his own mistake in Sochi, there would have been his first win, but fans of this driver should not despair, sure the wins and the championship will not be long in coming. 

George Russell 

Another British stellar racer who clearly sat a long on the team unable to fight for podiums. Although while driving Williams, George sometimes does incredible things, squeezing everything and even more out of Williams’ car. But Russell really expressed himself at the Sakhir GP 2020, replacing the sick Lewis Hamilton. If not a puncture, George could sensationally win the first victory in his career. After that GP, Mercedes had no longer the right to keep George on its junior team. Finally, in 2022, two English drivers will compete for the “Silver Arrows”. And if the team stops using tough team tactics, George has everything to become the new star of F1 and Mercedes. 

Charles Leclerc 

For Leclerc the success is nothing new. He showed his talent already in the younger series, destroying all his rivals. Of course, with such results, he got easy into the royal races. In F1, Charles began to impress immediately. He showed fantastic results in Sauber. It was especially valuable considering that before that two seasons in a row the team had difficulty getting into the points zone. After just one season in F1, Charles received the offer from Ferrari. Scuderia went against its unspoken traditions – to take into the team only experienced and proven drivers, even though Charles was a student of the Italian team. Leclerc became the youngest Ferrari driver since 1961. Was Scuderia wrong? No, because from the very first races of the 2019 season, the team had to use team tactics for the four-time world champion Vettel to hold back the hungry for wins young Monegasque. If not the problems with the Scuderia’s car in 2020, perhaps Charles already really would have had a chance to become the world champion. But one thing is certain, Leclerc will have great success in F1. 

Max Verstappen 

Max Verstappen is a unique driver of the modern Formula 1, cannot argue with that. He is the youngest Grand Prix winner in history and holds a youth record when he first appeared at the GP. Also, the star Red Bull, who did not have to overcome all the difficulties of the youth program. He is only 24 years old, and the results are already more than impressive. If not for technical problems with the car in previous seasons, Max would have a chance to become the youngest champion as well. But this year, the dream may finally come true, in any case, there is no equal to Max this season, and only the experience and persistence of Lewis can prevent the achievement of the main goal. 

Lewis Hamilton 

Lewis Hamilton has become Formula 1 icon over the past decade. In terms of the number of records, he is the best modern drivers, even though young people are actively breathing in his back, the British driver continues to be the best and finds the strength to fight further. Of course, the team and the car play the important role in his triumph, but even in the most difficult situations, Lewis proves himself to be a cold- blooded tactician and calculating strategist. All this could not bring him many wins and records. And perhaps this season the main record for the number of the world champion titles will be broken even even though Lewis finally has a worthy opponent in the person of Max Verstappen and is fighting a fierce fight with him. 

Of course, don’t underestimate the other drivers. After all, the best get into Formula -1. But these mentioned 5 drivers who prove with their skill that it is they who will decide the fate of the champion title in the coming years. 


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