New Season, new cars, new drivers

April 2 2021 , 12:13 pm

Writen by Alek Adwent

Alfa Romeo Racing Orlen-C41 

Alfa Romeo presented their challenger in the Poland. [first time]

Photo of this car below: 

Higher part of body was flatten. Front wing is taller than front wing in  C39.Nose is smaller. There is new cooling system. Behind tyres there is new aerodynamics systems.

At the rear of the car we have got something new[look at the picture].When it comes to appearance: there is more white, on the body there is four-leaf clover.

There is less red and car looks like it was refreshed. There is big Orlen logo on the body of the car. 


Alpha tauri  presenteted his new challenger in a small group.

Photo of  the car below:

In this car there is a beam wing in the left and right side of the body. There is less bulging on the rear wing. There isn’t any changes on the nose and on the front wing.

Alpha Tauri narrowed floor but this is forced by new regulations. In the car there is Honda engine. There isn’t a lot of changes in this new Alpha Tauri challenger.

There is a lot of changes in the appearances. We have got a new colors layout and more dark blue in the body. There is a big logo with the bull on the two sides of the car. 

AMR21-Aston Martin F1 team 

Aston Marin revealed new team and new livery. There is more bulge on new Aston Martin livery. New livery color enhances bulges on body.

Still there some pink color but there is less that color than in Racing Point 2020 car. Contrast of these two colors looks very good.

[dark green and pink]Floor has been cutted.[new regulations] There isn’t one big BWT logo on the body. There is few Aston Martin logos.

Still there is JCB and logo  on the rear wing .On the rear wing there is Cognizant logo.On the body there is small Peroni logo.Opinion: I think Aston Martin can fight for podiums in 2021 season. 

W12- Mercedes presented new challenger. 

Mercedes reveals new challenger and it looks like new championship for they.On sides of new car there is bigger bulge.On quills there is small indentation.

There isn’t DAS system in the car. “Beak” of the car is more rounded.There is slimer engine cover and new suspension.

Apperaence: on the back of the body there is a lot of AMG logos,there isn’t “stars” on the body but still there is small red star for Niki Lauda.There is bit more light blue on the front wing and on body.There is still dark red on the car. 


New Ferrari livery was revealed. Monocoque rounded. Front wing is smaller than in SF1000.Front wing is little bit slimmer .

There is some changes on the beak .Rear wing has got more holes. Back side of the rear wing is more dark than in Ferrari 2020 challenger. On the body there is green Mission Winnow logo. Rear wing is flatter than in SF1000.

Car is more flat. On the body there is RayBan, Ups and Shell logo. On beak and front wing there isn’t too lot changes when it comes to sponsors logos. I think Ferrari  can fight for podiums. 


Mclaren first presented his new challenger. Photo below:  

In the photo we can see new body who is more aerodynamic and more streamlined.New rear wing has got less holes an it is more “close”.

Mclaren was narrowed floor.Body was narrowed too.Front wing is more “flat”.Higher piece of body is smaller than in MCL35.Nose was narrowed.

Mclaren has got engine from new constructor[Mercedes].When it comes to appearance,challenger from 2021 has got bit more blue on the nose . Presentation was very good. For me car looks OK. 

Red Bull-RB16B 

Red Bull presentated his new challenger and I want to search changes. 

Red bull presentated their car and today I want to search changes. Brake system is changed and it has got other shape.

Front wing is more flattened. Monocoque is more rounded than in RB16. Rear wing is situated higher than in challenger from 2020. Red Bull cropped floor [ new regulations]. On the sides of the body we can see bulge. Aspect:

There isn’t a lot of changes. There isn’t Aston Martin logo on the car. There is more Honda logos. I think Red Bull did too less changes to win championship. 



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