Is it time for Kimi to retire?

July 9 2021 , 7:08 am

Taking out Sebastian Vettel on the final lap of the Austrian Grand Prix, one does wonder whether it is time for Kimi Raikkonen to hang up his helmet.

Raikkonen is the oldest driver on this year’s grid at 41, he’s also the most experienced with 338 race starts to his name.

That experience, though, was not evident in Sunday’s Austrian Grand Prix.

Racing against Vettel, it was the Aston Martin driver who had the better pace on the final lap and went to pass Raikkonen up the inside, leaving plenty of space for both drivers.

Raikkonen turned in and it was game over for both drivers.

The Alfa Romeo driver was slapped with a 20 second penalty for causing a collision.

But while Ralf Schumacher called it “senseless” and “embarrassing”, Coulthard wonders if it is a clear sign that Raikkonen is now too old for F1.

“I was 37 when I quit,” quotes the former driver as having told the Bild newspaper.

“Suddenly you’re making mistakes but you don’t want to admit it. But it is you.

“I noticed that it had to do with poor concentration, especially towards the end of a race.

“We saw the same thing with Michael Schumacher in his last year.”



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