FIA make offer to Red Bull after Formula 1 cost cap breach as wait for punishment drags on

October 21 2022 , 1:50 pm
The FIA offers terms of 'accepted breach agreement' to Red Bull; If Red Bull accept offer - the details of which are confidential - they will accept wrongdoing for cost cap breach but receive less severe punishment; Max Verstappen hits out at 'hypocritical' rivals
The development in the saga that has dominated the start of the United States GP weekend leaves Red Bull with a decision over whether to accept the offer and likely a lesser punishment, or go before an adjudication panel.

The details of the FIA's offer to Red Bull, however, are still unclear.

Red Bull were last week the only team found guilty of exceeding the $145m spending limit from Max Verstappen's maiden title victory last year - with a 'minor' breach meaning they had overspent by less than five per cent ($7.25m) - although have emphatically rejected claims from rival teams that they have purposely cheated.

It allows financial penalties and some 'minor sporting penalties' - but crucially not a points deduction or a reduction in the team's future cost cap, more "damaging" punishments that have been called for by F1 drivers and teams.

If Red Bull reject the FIA's offer, the case would be heard by the cost cap panel and the full range of penalties would be on the table.


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