Ferrari will have to remove their halo-mounted mirrors for the Monaco GP

May 12 2018 , 12:28 pm

The team introduced a much-changed SF71-H at this weekend’s Spanish GP with the rear-view mirrors moved up onto the Halo – featuring aerodynamic winglets – in a change they believed fit in with the post-China regulations.

But, following protests from Ferrari’s rivals, FIA race director Charlie Whiting and technical delegate Jo Bauer have been investigating the concept throughout the Barcelona weekend and have now banned the design.

While the mirrors will be kept where they are for the remainder of the Spanish GP weekend due to the difficulty of reverting back, the Scuderia will be using their older-spec car – used at the season’s first four races – from the next event in Monaco onwards.

“I don’t think you’ll see them at another race, that’s my understanding,” confirmed Red Bull boss Christian Horner.

The FIA confirmed that mirrors could be mounted from the Halo following the Chinese GP – but still had many guidelines and insisted that any design must fit with their technical regulations.

Ferrari’s mirror move freed up space for improved air-flow to their sidepod while it is also believed to have had a positive aerodynamic impact on the car.


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