Ferrari penalty challenge rejected

June 23 2019 , 2:22 am

Ferrari’s attempt to overturn the penalty that cost Sebastian Vettel victory in the Canadian Grand Prix has been rejected by Formula 1 officials.

The team met with race stewards at the French Grand Prix on Friday to argue for a right to review the incident.

But stewards found that Ferrari had presented “no significant and relevant new elements which were unavailable to the parties at the time”.

The decision means Ferrari are still waiting for a victory in 2019.

Vettel said that he was: “Disappointed. Very disappointed. For myself, for the team, for the sport and the fans. Just a disappointment.

“It was not just the decision – so we felt we had a chance but the FIA [the world governing body] didn’t share that opinion.”

Ferrari presented a number of what Laurent Mekies, their deputy technical director, said were “quite overwhelming” new evidence.

This included analysis of telemetry from Vettel’s car, on-board camera views from both cars; a camera facing towards the German’s face during the race; GPS analysis of the cars’ trajectories; and a witness statement from the driver himself.

One piece of evidence submitted by Ferrari was television analysis by former F1 driver Karun Chandhok, an unusual step for a team to take in such a situation.

But stewards ruled that all of those were available either before the end of the race, or were not new and significant.

Vettel had been found guilty of rejoining the track in an unsafe manner and forcing Hamilton to take avoiding action.

The German was given a five-second penalty, which promoted Hamilton to victory after a race-long battle between the two cars.


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