F1 in Azerbaijan by Alek Adwent

June 9 2021 , 8:24 pm

Last week F1 visited Baku-capital of Azerbaijan. Charles Leclerc got Pole position on Saturday.

After first lap Charles was first but after a few laps Lewis Hamilton overtook him and Lewis was on the first place. Mercedes spoiled Hamilton first pit stop and Verstappen took the lead.

Hamilton was very angry and he asked his enginner „How is this possible they overtook me?” because Perez overtook him as well.

Next part of the race was very boring and nothing big didn’t happen. This boring part of the race finished after Stroll crash caused by left-back tyre which had a failure. Verstappen goes for the win but his tyre had a failure as well. After race restart Hamilton missed the turn and he went off the points.

Sergio Perez won the race and he is on the third place of the WC standing. Second was Sebastian Vettel but third was Pierre Gasly. 4 times world champion-Sebastian Vettel got the driver of the day award.Pole sitter- Charles Leclers lost 4 positions and he finished the race on the fourth place.Max Verstappen,George Russel,Lance Stroll and Esteban Ocon didn’t finish the race.

I think it was a really good race but about 20-30 laps were boring. Max and Lewis didn’t get any points.

Written by Alek Adwent

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